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Cleaning up Oceanic Plastic Garbage Gyres
using Solar Robotic Barges
"A realistic and feasible solution to clean up the trillions of pieces of
plastic garbage now building in massive Ocean Gyres around the World"

We are extremely concerned about the poor global treatment of the Oceans, Rivers and Reefs and the destruction of their ecosystems. Treating our Oceans as a garbage and sewage dump is an abhorrent abuse of our pristine Oceans.  It must stop!

We have caused an International Ecological Disaster in the form of millions of tons of floating plastic trash, that are accumulating in continent size Plastic Trash Gyres in Oceans around the World:

Gyre Map

An Oceanic Plastic Trash Researcher said:

"Traversing the large rubbish-strewn gyres in a boat was like sailing through plastic soup."

"You put a net through it for half an hour and there's more plastic than marine life there," she said. "It's hard to visualise the sheer amount, but the weight of it is more than the entire biomass of humans. It's quite an alarming problem that's likely to get worse."

On the 12th of December 2014 our founder, Wolfgang Flatow, conceived the solution to clean up the Oceanic Trash Gyres - Solar  Robotic Barges!

The concept is simple and makes economic sense:

  • Construct a global fleet of  Solar Robotic Barges (SRBs).
  • Program SRBs to travel between the Oceanic Plastic Garbage Gyres and nearby ports.
  • SRBs scoop up Plastic Garbage at the Oceanic Plastic Gyres.
  • SRBs unload it at recycling stations in ports around the World.
  • SRBs are remotely monitored and controlled via satellite.
Fuel costs and pollution are eliminated and salaries kept to an absolute minimum. The costs are focused on the construction of the SRBs and a centralised control and monitoring system.  

Planet Solar, the 100% Solar Powered ship that has made the first Solar Powered Circumnavigation of the Worlds Oceans, is proof positive that large scale Oceanic Solar Powered Shipping is feasible.

All the technologies required to implement our Solar Robotic Barge solution are well known and proven.

Wolfgang has also invented a Solar Barge Tray design that can collect, load and transport the Plastic Garbage with a simple and effective mechanism.

The Solar Robotic Barge solution is now ready to present to the World.

We seek the support of global governments, multi-national corporations, ecological organisations, oceanic wild life organisations, ocean sports organisations and all companies who are contributing to the generation of Oceanic Plastic Trash.
We seek high profile politicians, actors, media personalities, sports stars, movie stars etc to champion the project.
Most of all we seek your support to assist in Phase 1 - our World Wide lobbying campaign and the first prototype Solar Robotic Barge.

Please Support the Oceanic Plastic Recovery project.

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