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Cleaning up Oceanic Plastic Garbage Gyres
using Solar Robotic Barges is a realistic and feasible solution.

Envisage a fleet of Solar Robotic Barges (SRBs) perpetually sailing between Oceanic Plastic Garbage Gyres and processing ports established as close as possible.

The SRBs are guided by a combination of AI, auto-pilot, anti-collision radar, satellite imagery and remote control and monitoring.

The SRBs are fitted with cameras, lasers and other sensor telemetry that is connected to its AI computer and can all be monitored by Central Control.

They know where the heaviest concentrations of Plastic Trash are floating at any given time from Satellite Imagery.

As a SRB approaches the Plastic Trash, it lowers its filtering Barge Tray below the water line, angling it into the Gyre so the trash can be scooped directly into the Barge Tray.

The SRB powers through the trash gyre, the filters on the Barge Tray allowing water and small fish to pass through, and slowly raises the Barge Tray as it fills so the trash loads evenly accross the Barge Tray, until it is full.

Once the SRB is full it raises its Barge Tray and heads for its designated processing port.

Upon arrival at the port, the SRB enters a sleuth gate that closes behind it. It lowers its Barge Tray fully below water level causing all the Plastic Trash to float out of the Tray, unloading the SRB.

Pumps cycle the water inside the sleuth gates to shift Plastic Garbage to the collection point, and the SRB leaves the port for its next journey to the Trash Gyre.

"All with free renewable energy and without a human crew!"

Recovered plastics can then be recycled to clean fuels.

That is our technical solution.

The SRB is also Ocean Fauna friendly.

  • The Barge Tray is scooping only - not processing, shredding or compressing.
  • The Barge Tray is open at the top - this allows birds, turtles, seals, penguins etc to leave the barge during transport.
  • The Barge Tray is open at the top - this allows fish to escape sideways during scooping.
  • Fish swimming about the waste are likely to be smaller fish.
  • Larger fish, dolphins etc would avoid the oncoming barge tray.

However, as you can imagine, we do not have all the answers. How to minimise collection of fauna? How to best process and recycle the Plastic Waste? How to combat piracy? How to use satellites to detect Plastic Trash density? Etc.

It is expected that an International Task Force will be assembled to tackle this mission.

"It is a monumental task."

Nonetheless, it is a task we MUST tackle!

SRBs combine well with some Passive Oceanic Plastic Trash Concentration solutions, such as The Ocean Cleanup, to transport their accumulated Plastic Trash to processig ports.

The ever mobile nature of the Plastic Trash Gyres means that a "Seek and Collect" approach, like the SRB solution, is required.

There is no doubt that the SRB solution ticks all the boxes:

  • Ecological - Eco friendly, non-polluting and quiet Solar Propulsion
  • Economical - No fuel costs. No crew wage costs. No crew quarters or supplies.
  • Readily deployable - target trouble spots quickly.
  • Centrally Controllable - Full remote telemetry and control of SRBs.
  • Realistic - All technical requirements can be met with known technologies.
  • Feasible - Systems can be built and rolled out incrementally World Wide.

SRBs can be sent to locations where known low lying garbage tip flooding has occurred, from storms and king tides, to recover the highly concentrated floating garbage.

As the SRB cleanup progresses, SRBs can strain finer and finer plastic particles, reducing Oceanic Plastic to ecologically responsible levels.

It will be an ongoing process until we dramatically reduce the inflow of Oceanic Plastic.

"It is now a matter of gathering International Support
for the Solar Robotic Barge solution.

We seek the support of global governments, multi-national corporations, ecological organisations, oceanic wild life organisations, ocean sports organisations and all companies who are contributing to the generation of Oceanic Plastic Trash.
We seek high profile politicians, actors, media personalities, sports stars, movie stars etc to champion the project.
Most of all we seek your support to assist in Phase 1 - our World Wide lobbying campaign and the first prototype Solar Robotic Barge.

Please Support the Oceanic Plastic Recovery project.

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