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The Oceanic Plastic Recovery Cause

Oceanic Plastic Recovery is a Planet Wide Oceanic Rescue Mission.

Our goal is to prevent the Oceans from turning into a dead plastic soup within a few years.

Science is recording its devastating impact on all Ocean Life Forms and Birds, where most mistake the plastic for food, many tangled and trapped by plastic rope and 'ghost' fishing nets. It is an awful sight to see the contents of dissected birds and fish. This moves through the food chain to the fish we consume.

The 'plastic soup' areas in the Ocean are also a terrible sight.

The plastic creates a porous insulating layer in the top 1 to 2 meters of ocean. As far as we are aware, the impact of this on 'Climate Change' has not yet been studied. Yet it is obvious it must affect the Oceans take-up and re-radiation of solar energy and its evaporative rate. It affects the 'global warming data'.

The Oceanic Plastic Recovery project aims to rescue the Oceans from our careless handling of Plastic Trash. We are aiming to reverse the buildup of Oceanic Plastic Trash. We want to clean up our Oceanic Environment to preserve the health - save the life - of our Oceans.

Ultimately that benefits all humankind and our sustainable existence on Earth.

Project Scope

The Oceanic Plastic Recovery project scope is clearly beyond a person, a company or charity.

The project has been conceived with a view to take it directly to the highest levels of Governments around the World.

It transcends conventional business models. Even though it benefits commerce and will create jobs, it is not a profit exercise.

It transcends conventional charity or not-for-profit models. It is too big, too critical and too important.

The Oceanic Plastic Trash Disaster is caused by our World Wide Civilisation. All nations and governments must take responsibility.

The Solar Robotic Barge (SRB) solution is an Innovation Design and it requires the best minds to realise it. The likes of CSIRO should assist with SRB R&D. The amazing Incat shipyard could design and build SRBs. The Navy could deploy, operate and protect them. Inmarsat could monitor them.

The Oceanic Plastic Recovery project scope is clearly multi-national, multi-disciplinary and multi-industry.

Launching a Task Force

Accordingly it is appropriate that the Oceanic Plastic Recovery project is presented to Governments with the aim of creating an OPR Government Task Force.

There is an urgent need to build a full scale Solar Robotic Barge prototype.

An OPR Government Task Force could readily assemble R&D and resources to trial a prototype within 1 year.

Once one Nation takes a lead the World's Nations can follow. It can be a catalyst for International co-operation.

Envisage the first Solar Robotic Barge round trip returning with the first load of Recovered Oceanic Plastic, fully solar powered, fully automated, ready for years of such round trips... It will make international headlines and pave the way for a vast fleet of SRBs to be built and deployed around the World.

Let's act before Plastic Trash starts building up on our beaches and the Great Barrier Reef...

We need several hundred SRBs ASAP.

Our first year plan involves:
  •  Establishment of Charity
  •  Consultation with Marine and Ecology experts
  •  Lobby Australian Government to establish Task Force
  •  SRB Robotic Control & Monitoring Specifications
  •  Lobby for Onsite Gyre Scooping and Filtering research
  •  Construction of first prototype SRB by Task Force
All aspects of Oceanic Plastic Recovery by SRB to be investigated:
  • SRB maritime safety
  • SRB plastic scooping methods
  • SRB berthing and unloading
  • SRB satellite control & monitoring
  • SRB maintenance
  • SRB impact on Fauna
  • Plastic Waste recycling
This web will publish all project activities and news, provide interactive blogs, project team collaboration and public relations material. We aim to gather international support and involvement of Governments, World Banks, UN, Multinational Corporations, Media and Navies. The need to solve the problem is urgent.  The scale of the problem is global.  The benefit of a solution is global.

Please support this project by:

Please direct all enquiries to wolfgang@oceanicplasticrecovery.com.
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