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Our Crew:

Wolfgang Flatow

Our founder Wolfgang has a life-long passion for Solar. See his Solar Consultancy Web Hybrid Sunshine.   He is a DIY inventor with many successful inventions & patents in Solar and IT.

Wolfgang has an active involvement with Solar Powered Ships, having designed, built and operated Sunship 1, a fully solar powered Catamaran in 1996.  In 1988 he collaborated with Ben Lexcen (designer of America Cup winning 'Australia II' and the 'Winged Keel') to build a large Solar Ocean Cruiser of similar dimensions to Planet Solar, which very nearly proceeded if it were not for Ben's untimely passing.

Wolfgang is the inventor of the Solar Robotic Barge solution to Oceanic Plastic Recovery.

For all government, corporate, sponsorship and donation enquiries:


Email: wolfgang@oceanicplasticrecovery.com
Phone: +61 (0)409 309 901

Bruce Gibson

Bruce is our Social Media and Web strategist as well as Oceanic Plastic researcher.

Bruce is a web designer and natural therapist. See his web design business at Digital Organics

Like Wolfgang, Bruce is deeply concerned about the health of our World and our Oceans.

He joined the crew in February 2015 as he became passionate about our Solar Robotic Barge solution and the prospect of improving the health of our Oceans.

For all Social Media and Web related enquiries:


Email: bruce@oceanicplasticrecovery.com

Join our Crew

If you wish to join the Oceanic Plastic Recovery crew please let us know.

Our team will benefit from a broad range of expertise, including:

  • Marine biologists
  • Ocean pollution specialist
  • Ship design and construction experience
  • Auto pilot and robotics systems experience
  • Satellite communications and remote drone control experience
  • International diplomatic relations experience
  • UN and IMF liaison experience

The scope of the Oceanic Plastic Recovery project provides unlimited opportunity. Join our growing community.

To enquire please email: wolfgang@oceanicplasticrecovery.com

Our Sponsors and Partners:

Hybrid Sunshine

Our major sponsor!

Hybrid Sunshine provide independent Solar Consultation services.

"Our service perfectly tunes your system size and hybrid components against your sites exact energy profile to predict their energy and financial return."

Hybrid Sunshine have developed a Solar Energy Simulator to predict precise performance and return on Hybrid Solar Systems.

Support us by supporting or major sponsor!


Email: wolfgang@hybridsunshine.com
Web: Hybrid Sunshine

Bluebird Marine Systems LTD

Bluebird Marine provide Oceanic Solar Robotic Drone Technology and Consultation Services.

They agree that Solar Robotic Barges are the best solution to Oceanic Plastic Pollution.

They support Oceanic Plastic Recovery and its founder.


Email: bluebird@bluebird-electric.net
Web: www.bluebird-electric.net

Become a sponsor or partner

Major Sponsor position available.

This project is structured to collaborate with companies and ventures around the World.

The scope of the Oceanic Plastic Recovery project provides unlimited opportunity. Be part of our growing community.

To enquire please email: wolfgang@oceanicplasticrecovery.com

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