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"Our plastic garbage is being washed into our Oceans.
Millions of tons have accumulated in country size Gyres.
Between 4 and 8 million tons being added each year."

Oceanic Plastic Trash Pollution is being documented, tracked and talked about. Please take the time to explore some of the best links we have gathered during our research:

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The article contains an excellent link list (thanks Meg).
These links are the tip of the iceberg.

The recent study by the University of Georgia has dramatically increased previous estimates of the current volume of accumulated Oceanic Plastic Trash! The study shows a 4 to 8 million ton per annum flow of plastics into the oceans in 2010. This demonstrates that previous estimates of quarter of a million tons of accumulated plastic is way too low and that previous studies are inadequate.

All studies point to dramatic impacts on our Oceans Ecology, Fish Life and Bird Life.

This is nothing short of an International Ecological Disaster.

We believe one of the biggest problems is that most of the Plastic Garbage is accumulating in distant International Waters, in the middle of the Oceans, and is breaking into ever smaller plastic particles.

It means that we do not see much of it on our beaches and foreshores, until a storm blows it in...

Even then we only see the larger pieces of trash, we still do not see the smaller pieces - the bulk of the Oceanic Plastic.

Individual nations are not compelled to take responsibility:

""But we don't see it on our beaches...""

For how long? The gyres are expanding at a rate of 4 to 8 million tons of plastic per annum. It won't be long before it turns up on all the beaches, reefs and marine parks of the World!

The other great problem has been the virtual vacuum of feasible solutions to cleaning up Oceanic Plastic Pollution.

Until now. Take a look at our Solar Robotic Barge solution.

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