Cleaning up Oceanic Plastic Garbage Gyres
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We need several hundred SRBs ASAP.

Contribute today: Phase 1 spans one year and involves:
  •  Establishment of HQ
  •  Consultation with Marine and Ecology experts
  •  World Wide Government Awareness and Diplomacy Campaign
  •  SRB Control & Monitoring Specifications
  •  Onsite Gyre Scooping and Filtering research
  •  Construction of first prototype SRB
All aspects of Oceanic Plastic Recovery by SRB to be investigated:
  • SRB maritime safety
  • SRB plastic scooping methods
  • SRB berthing and unloading
  • SRB satellite control & monitoring
  • SRB maintenance
  • SRB impact on Fauna
  • Plastic Waste recycling
All learnings will become public domain. This web will publish all project activities and news, provide interactive blogs, project team collaboration and public relations material. We aim to gather international support and involvement of Governments, World Banks, UN, Multinational Corporations, Media, Military and Arms Industry. The need to solve the problem is urgent.  The scale of the problem is global.  The benefit of a solution is global. This is a realistic and feasible solution!

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BSB: 014645
ACC: 214395538
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